Belize News: One Man’s Gift for his Country

Doing his bit for Belize: On Monday the Belize Police Department received a gift of six motorcycles from businessman, Glen Wilson. Wilson, who has lived in Belize for almost 10 years, decided to donate the bikes in order to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of police patrols in rural areas.

Wilson said a few words to the press: “My partner Jordana Frutus and myself have set out this foundation whereby we are trying to help the community at large not just Belize City, not just Ladyville where we live, not just San Pedro where we have lived but the whole country. We are trying to help so that the infrastructure can work, hence the motorbikes… that they can get to areas that vehicles can’t get to and I know they do foot patrols in Ladyville and frankly foot patrols here are not very affective, so the motorbikes will help them.”


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