Diving in Belize

Belize – the perfect diving destination

The size of Wales with the population of Coventry, Belize is the smallest country in Central America and a perfect diving destination.

Made up of 400 islands, Belize hosts the world’s second-largest barrier reef and is a great location to swim with Whale Sharks.

The English-speaking nation provides the perfect balance between Caribbean and Latin American culture and is a year-round destination. For those looking for adventure alongside world-class diving, Belize holds the key. Belize offers ancient Maya ruins, spectacular jungle and film-worthy white-sand beaches.

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What marine wildlife should you expect?

Whale shark sightings are known from April to June along Belize’s southern barrier reef. In other countries whale shark dives are really for snorkelling, but here it’s a scuba diving activity!

70 types of hard corals and around 500 species of reef fish in Belize.

18 ray and shark species, including Manta rays, Eagle rays, Black Tips, Hammerheads, Bull sharks, Nurse sharks and Tiger sharks.

Sea turtles nest on Belize’s beaches from June to August. There are 3 main species of turtles found in Belize – Loggerhead, Green and Hawkbill. More rarely you might find Olive Ridley or Leatherback turtles.

But now let’s look at the best of Belize’s dive sites in more detail…..

Ambergris Caye


One of the coolest dives in Belize, it is a strictly enforced marine park which means healthy coral and sure sightings of barracuda, snapper, jacks and grouper. The clue’s in the name at nearby Shark Ray Alley where snorkelling is best to see Nurse sharks and Stingrays.

The Blue Hole


135 metres deep and 300 metres across, this hole in the reef dive extravaganza is an incredible day trip. Expect to encounter Reef and Bull sharks and fascinating stalactite and stalagmite formations. This is one of the best-known dive sites in the world, and for good reason!

Long Caye Wall, Glover's Atoll

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Here you’ll find incredible luscious coral in reef gullies that to lead to a drop off. Yellow tube sponges and orange elephant ear sponges are what to look out for. Not to mention southern stingrays and eagle rays along with garden eels in the sandy shallows.

The Elbow, Turneffe Atoll

Flat Needlefish

This site is for experienced divers as it must be done as a drift dive. Its remote and pristine setting provides incredible wildlife sightings. Expect Crevalle and Horse-eye jacks, Atlantic Spadefish, shark species, Cubera snapper and Barracuda.

Silk Cayes Canyon

Caribbean Reef Squid (Fito)

Great for underwater photography, this dive site south of Belize City has low patch reefs mixed with small coral outcrops, forming fascinating reef structures. If Gray Triggerfish and Reef sharks are on your list, this is dive site for you.

Stann Creek District

Acropora palmata and Juvile Yellowtail Damselfish

Southwater Caye Marine Reserve contains patch reefs, drop offs and walls with coral formations that are amazingly beautiful. This is where the coast starts curving away from the barrier reef. This is also ground zero for Whale Shark encounters at sites off Gladden Spit.

Half Moon Caye Natural Monument

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Has been called one of the most colourful wall dives in the world, and with the Caye itself being a bird sanctuary, diver operators are known to give guided hikes and lunch breaks on the beach during surface intervals.

Photo credit: Alexander Robinson

South Water Caye Marine Reserve


Many diving experts consider this the best all-round diving site in the world. It is the largest of the marine reserves and sits only 16km off the coast. Scuba divers of all skill levels are welcome here. The deep waters mean there are frequent pelagic interactions including sharks, tuna, barracuda and rays!

 Let’s get technical

 Visibility – off the barrier reefs and Atolls 30 metres (slightly less inside the reef)
Water Temperature – summer 30°C and winter 26°C
Weather – warm all year round! Ranging from 27°C to 29°C in the summer and 21°C to 27°C in the winter.
Reef types – fringing reefs, patch reefs, faroe, barrier reef, carol attols
Currents and tides – surface current tend to be in a northerly direction which creates a thin southerly counter current in front of the barrier reef and around the atolls.
For a no-obligation chat to discuss your own Belize diving plans, or for ideas about what you might do, ring us on 01932 424252 or email us on: enquiries@revealedtravel.co.uk.