Central America Revealed

Central America

Through Belize Revealed’s parent organisation Central America Revealed, we can make any trip to Belize link with any other Central America destination for a pan-regional, multi-country holiday. Alternatively, we can provide you any other Central American destination as a single-country holiday, as an alternative to going to Belize.

Costa Rica

  • Verdant Rainforest
  • Cloudforest
  • Amazing Wildlife
  • Beaches
  • Adventure sports


  • Colonial History
  • Scenic Volcanoes
  • Great Beaches
  • Indigenous Culture
  • Adventure & Wildlife



  • Colonial History
  • Panama Canal
  • Beach & Watersports
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Coffee Plantations


El Salvador

  • Colonial History
  • Dramatic Volcanoes
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Artisan Crafts
  • Surfing



  • Colonial History
  • Indigenous Culture
  • Amazing Mayan Ruins
  • Natural Beauty
  • Markets & Textiles


  • Maya Ruins
  • Tropical birdlife
  • White sand beaches
  • Coffee plantations
  • Diving and Snorkelling


Other Latin America Destinations


  • Havana
  • Cuban Hospitality
  • Music and Dance
  • Unspoiled beaches


  • Maya Pyramids
  • Colonial Heritage
  • Whale Watching
  • Beaches

South America

  • Machu Picchu
  • Andes to Amazon
  • Falklands and Antarctica
  • Galapagos Islands


Visit Central America

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Central America Revealed offers the ABC and 3Rs of travel, namely:- Adventure, Beach, Culture and Reef, Ruins and Rainforest combined with some amazing Flora & Fauna.

Whether you are looking for us to tailor-make for you a Central America holiday designed around your specific requirements, or whether you would like a small-group escorted tour to one or more countries in Central America, we can provide you with what you want for your Central America trip. For more information click on one of the country boxes above or call us now on 01932 424252. Alternatively, email us on enquiries@revealedtravel.co.uk to request a no-obligation free quote for any Central America holiday & travel services you require.