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Newsletter – Revealing Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small country of immense charm and impressive cultural heritage, where people are friendly and engaging, welcoming travellers with a ready smile. There has been a steady growth in tourism to Sri Lanka since the end of the civil war in 2009. Indeed, visitor numbers exceeded two million for the first time in […]

Somewhere in Latin America – La Sexta Cafe in Panama’s Casco Viejo

By Manuela de Mendonca, 3 December 2018
Poverty rubs shoulders with prosperity in Panama City’s old town, the Casco Viejo, where this week I visited the Fonda La Sexta cafe set up by the Calicanto Foundation, an organisation helping disadvantaged and vulnerable women with a menu by Mario Castrellón, Panama’s answer to Jamie Oliver.

Somewhere in Latin America: 365 Islands

By Manuela de Mendonça, 26 November 2018
“You have good energy,” my taxi driver tells me, “Keep it up, people want to share it.” I am on my way to the border with Panama heading for Bocas del Toro and the San Blas islands.

Somewhere in Latin America: Costa Rica by bus

By Manuela de Mendonça, 19 November 2018
If you are travelling through Costa Rica as a backpacker on a tight budget and  do not have the funds to hire a car, then bus, boat and plane are the best means of transport for longer journeys. Aeroplanes are quickest but can get expensive if you need several flights on your itinerary whereas buses are used by locals and travellers alike….

Somewhere in Latin America: Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

By Manuela de Mendonça, 12 November 2018
This week I visited a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation project supported by the Latin America Travel Association’s charity, the LATA Foundation, near Manuel Antonio National Park called Kids Saving The Rainforest (KSTR).

Latin America and the Great War

By David Gilmour, 11 November 2018
There is very little mention of Latin America in the history books about the First World War. Indeed, most Latin America countries took their lead from the United States and maintained a policy of neutrality until 1917 or later. In this article we examine the background and look at some events which involved Latin America.

Revealing Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands – 2019 and 2020

By David Gilmour, 8 November 2018
A journey to the ice wilderness of Antarctica is an unparalleled adventure, an extraordinary experience with an abundance of wildlife and dramatic scenery. Antarctica is the coldest, driest and windiest continent on the planet and 98% of it is covered by ice that is at least a mile thick.

The Endemic – a luxury new catamaran for the Galapagos Islands

By Revealed Travel, 8 November 2018
The Endemic is a luxury catamaran, one of the first of a new generation of ships for visiting the Galapagos Islands in comfort and style.

Newsletter: The Galapagos Revealed

By David Gilmour, 18 October 2018
There is nowhere on the planet quite like the Galapagos Islands, The Galapagos archipelago consists of six principal islands, twelve smaller islands and over 40 islets, with many  species of fish, plants and reptiles found nowhere else in the world. Indeed, many species have evolved into different forms on different islands, making them endemic to particular islands

Cool Colombia: Revealed Travel in the Sunday Times

By Revealed Travel, 1 October 2018
Over the last decade or so, Colombia has begun to emerge as a safe, friendly, exciting and unspoiled destination for travellers to South America, offering stunning scenery, colonial cities, a wonderful coastline and impressive national parks. After decades of civil war, the peace process is well under way and Colombia has opened up

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